WhatsApp Tricks and Tips for iPhone, Android and Windows Smartphones

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips For WhatsApp users. Besides Facebook and Twitter, WhatsApp is the only app which has got users addicted to using the smartphones. WhatsApp has billions of users worldwide who are really addicted to this app. WhatsApp when compared to similar apps have a very user friendly interface. If you want to use this app in Desktop or in Macbook then read this. Download WhatsApp For PC.

For every app which is made there are few tips and tricks hidden which not every user knows about it. So, like every other app even WhatsApp has few tips and tricks, so let us discuss them and learn how to perform those tricks.

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips for iPhone, Android and Windows

 Hiding ‘Last Seen’ potion:

With the ‘Last Seen’ feature users are able to see when the other was online last time. This shows the particular time when the other user was online and using WhatsApp. This is nice feature but not for everyone.

Some users who doesn’t want others to see their online timings, they can easily turn off this feature by navigating into settings then going into ‘Account’ then into ‘Privacy’ and users will be able to find this option and they can disable it.

Hide Last Seen Date in WhatsApp

Hide Last Seen Date

  • Backup/ Restore your chats:

To backup your chats, go to settings and navigate to chat settings, and there you will find an option to create a backup of your chat conversations and all your backup conversations are stored on your SD card.

To restore your backup conversations all you have to do is login into your WhatsApp account and it will automatically restore all your backup conversations.Users can make a backup of their chats on WhatsApp.

Making a backup is important if you have really important conversation in your chats and you can restore those backup chats any time. If you are changing your phone or unfortunately lost it, your backup chats come really handy and can save you from all the disappointments and hassles of retaining your chats back.

  • Activation WhatsApp without phone number:

This is a very important trick because WhatsApp cannot be used without activating it with an active phone number. But here’s a trick which will help you pass through it without any issues.

  • First uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Now turn on the flight mode.
  • Now start WhatsApp and enter the mobile phone number and proceed with the on screen instructions.
  • As there is no network connection available, WhatsApp will not be able to send the verification message and you will be prompted to select the alternate method to finish the setup.
  • Now enter your email address and tap on the send button and quickly tap on cancel button.

Now, to activate the account on android phone use Spoof text message and to activate on iPhone use Fake-a-Message and enter the following details.

Activate whatsapp without phone number

Activate whatsapp without phone number

To: +447900347295

From: + {country code} {mobile number}

Message: your email address.

Now, your account will be activated.

  • Send files with any extension:

By installing either Cloud Send or Whats Packed 2 ads app users could send files with any extension to your friends on WhatsApp.

Since, WhatsApp only allows files which has extensions that of images and videos only to be sent, using either of these files will allow the users to send files of any extension.

file browser whatsapp

  • Hide your display picture:

One can hide their display picture easily by going into Settings and then selecting Account Privacy.

Hide Dp in WhatsApp

Hide Dp in WhatsApp

After navigating into this setting option one can choose to display your picture from everyone to nobody.

  • Disable auto image download:

Users with memory constraints on their phones or simply who doesn’t want to save the incoming media on WhatsApp can disable this feature. To disable this feature go to Settings then Chat Settings and then go to Media Auto Download then select to turn it off. WhatsApp has a feature by default which downloads all the incoming images which in turns consumes a lot of data unnecessarily.

Disable media download

  • Locking WhatsApp:

Users can lock WhatsApp to prevent other people sneaking in to your WhatsApp and viewing your personal data. It can be locked by simply downloading an android app called WhatsApp Lock. This third party app allows you to lock your WhatsApp with a separate password which will be different from your phone’s password. Even though if someone is using your phone they won’t be able to access your WhatsApp.

Lock Whatsapp messages

  • Create Contact Shortcuts:

Users can make shortcut for any contact and place that on their home screen and users can directly access to that contact’s conversation from their home screen. To do this, simply tap and hold on the contact to which you need to create a shortcut for. A menu will drop down and select the option ‘Add Conversation Shortcut’ and this will create a shortcut on the home screen.

  • Installing WhatsApp on Tablet:

Though WhatsApp is only available on mobile handsets, it can be easily installed on tablets and PCs as well. To do this simply download the APK file of WhatsApp from here. After downloading, install this file on your tablet and then the users can use the trick shown above to activate WhatsApp on tablets.

  • WhatsApp Notifications on Desktop/ Laptop:

WhatsApp notifications can be obtained on either MAC or Windows. To do this one needs to install pushbullet app on the devices where the users wants to get notifications and simply enable Desktop Notification feature for WhatsApp app.

notifications on Desktop

notifications on Desktop

I hope you guys have enjoyed going through this tutorial. If you have any suggestions please feel free to mention those in the comments section below.