WhatsApp For Nokia Lumia, S60, S40, x2 Free Download

Welcome back! In this article here, we are going to write a tutorial on how to download WhatsApp for Nokia is considered as the most used app that always stays on the list of top ten apps in the world.whatsapp for nokiaWhatsApp always remains tops the list for a reason. It is bought by Facebook for a whopping $19 billion dollars and is regularly updating with its new features that include adding images, sending voice messages, video calls and messages, GIFs, stickers and what not. The regular updates keep the user stick to the app irrespective of the platform.

We all know about where WhatsApp started in 2011 when its founder was took down to both Twitter and Facebook and then later the author went on to create his app called WhatsApp Messenger which is useful for sending and receiving messages over the cost of internet data. The updates in the app kept users stick to the app, and even the app never disappointed its users.

WhatsApp now is the only app that does not own servers to contain the data that is happening over the messenger. After Facebook had bought it by paying a huge amount that no one can imagine, the app went on to make updates quickly than it used to before.

Now, WhatsApp owns features like blue ticks, which means the user have read the message. One can send images, videos, make video and voice calls, send GIFs. All these updates rolled out in the less span of time one after other.

The new update of having a status on WhatsApp allows the user to have the pics or videos for 24 hours after which they will be deleted automatically. This feature was first there on Snapchat, another popular app that is used by Android users all over. There was some criticism over this decision of Facebook that is trying to copy Snapchat, but at the end of the day, it is liked by everyone else now.

WhatsApp for Nokia. Nokia was a leading company in selling mobile phones in the world with a huge market share. Later it lost its charm since it could not stand up to its competitors. With regular models and updates from its competitors like Samsung and Apple, and other new companies getting into the market, Nokia soon lost its charm and lost its market to its competitors. Eventually, the company has to sell off to Microsoft for a reasonable price where the Operating System of Nokia is replaced by Microsoft’s brand Operating System Windows Operating System.

download nokia whatsapp version

Since this article is dedicated on how to download WhatsApp for Nokia, let us now get back and focus on the topic of the hour. The features for WhatsApp doesn’t vary from an operating system to another. If it does, it depends on the app updates. If the app isn’t updated yet, you will see the same features as the old ones.

There is news from a few sources which claim to be official that WhatsApp is going to discontinue its support to the phones like Blackberry and Nokia. That is not true. Nokia is coming up with many devices this year which will mostly go with Android Operating System. Notwithstanding the speculations about the Operating System, let us now focus on how to Download and Install WhatsApp for Nokia.

Ever since Microsoft bought Nokia, the Operating System in the mobile had to adopt the style of Microsoft, Windows Operating System, and hence it is called as the Windows Phone.

Whatever the mobile model Nokia is manufacturing at the moment, it is in collaboration with Microsoft and the download process for WhatsApp for Windows Phone is the same for all the models available in the market at the moment. Except the fact that the brand Nokia is back now and is going to take over the Android Operating System once again, which in case we might witness new ways and methods to install WhatsApp.

Let us now look into the process that involves in installing WhatsApp for Nokia

Go to the Store on your device and search for WhatsApp.

Click on your device, and you will see the details, reviews, and recent updates if you are interested in doing that.

Now, click on install after which the app starts downloading and installing.

Once after the app is installed now, open the app and enter your phone number on which you want to use the app and enter the name of the country you are living in.

After entering the details the app asks, you are now requested to verify the phone number with the code that is sent after entering the number. Enter the code in the app, and that is all. You can use the app for sending messages for totally free.

More articles about Nokia and WhatsApp are on a roll in the coming days on this site. Keep watching the space. If you face any difficulties while downloading or installing WhatsApp for Nokia, then comment down below and do not forget to share the article.

We will be back again.