Download WhatsApp for Samsung Galaxy & Bada OS Phones

The era of messengers is not the same ever since WhatsApp became a big thing. This app typically made the world look small the features it has in it. There might be many apps that came into existence after WhatsApp made its debut in 2009.

The app made it to the big news when its founder Brian Actin made to the list of Billionaires after Facebook bought WhatsApp for a whopping price of 19 billion dollars in the year 2014. whatsapp samsung

WhatsApp, for now, is an app that is compatible with all the Operating Systems available now including WhatsApp for Samsung. A few types of researchers say the reason behind the popularity and success of WhatsApp is the User Interface it has. It is straightforward to use, and it stands as an idol for all the messengers over there. WhatsApp Download For Galaxy phones procedure written below.

It is just a messenger, nothing adds it to up unlike other apps like We Chat or Hike, which are a mixture of many features like news and a way too many stickers to add them up and end up looking like a big mess.  WhatsApp for Windows 10 available.

Here in this article, we will reveal you the steps on how to use WhatsApp on Samsung galaxy. There has been an update from a few days back on Android.

The process to install WhatsApp for any phone is pretty simple as the whole process doesn’t take more time than a few minutes, but the way to install the app differs from one phone to another.

Talking about Samsung Galaxy, since the Operating System it has for it is Android, the process that is involved here is to download it from the Google Play Store and to install it on the phone and start using it. Confused? Here is the step by step process.

Before we begin the process to install the app on your Samsung Galaxy, make sure there is enough space in the phone memory to install the app. The app is designed in such a way that it is only installed in phone memory and can’t go with the SD card memory and hence you to make sure there is enough space for the app to save.

WhatsApp Download For Samsung Galaxy Phones

Remember that, right now, WhatsApp is only available for the devices that are running on Android 2.1 or the versions that released after that. So, it is not available for the versions that released before that version.

And, WhatsApp doesn’t support WiFi only devices. You can use it with phone data as well.

As of now, Samsung doesn’t support any third party apps officially. So, if you are facing trouble with the app, it is suggested to contact the developer.

  1. So, as the first step, open the apps on the home screen of Samsung Galaxy.
  2. Go to the Play Store and enter WhatsApp in the search box.
  3. Click on the one that has the highest reviews and open it.
  4. The app will now ask for permissions to access contacts, SMS, location and other details. You can’t move further if you can’t give access to WhatsApp on the data it is asking for.
  5. Since you have checked before for the space on your device, you can now click on install.
  6. Now the installation process begins.
  7. Once the process is over, you can see a notification about the completion of the facility.
  8. Open the app now. Enjoy messaging.

It will ask to enter your name and the phone number on which you are going to use the app. Once you enter those details, you will get a verification code to the number you have entered, and you can now use it.

This is it for now!

WhatsApp for Samsung Bada OS

The process of installation for Samsung Bada OS is similar as that of Samsung Galaxy but differs a bit. Since you are here to download WhatsApp on your Bada phones, you might already know this; there is something called OGwhatsapp, on which you can run two accounts on a single phone. This is not yet available for Bada phones.

whatsapp for bada

Based on our experience, we can say that using WhatsApp on bad phones is not very much user-friendly compared to that of Android or the other smartphones. So, talking about excellence, it is not as great as that of WhatsApp for the other phones. So, you obviously have to compromise with it. You can still message anyone. Here is the key thing that you need to be concerned about.

We are listing the devices that are complicated for this WhatsApp to download for Samsung Bada mobile phones.

  • Samsung Chat Duos
  • Samsung Chat
  • Samsung Wave 1, 2, and 3
  • Samsung Wave Y and many as such phones are compatible with the app.

Apart from the list of phones that we listed above, many phones are compatible with WhatsApp. All you need to do is that to find them and to use it for WhatsApp on Samsung.

How to Download and Install Whatsapp for Bada?

Here is the step by step process that is given below for WhatsApp download for Samsung. Follow these steps to download Whatsapp for Bada

  • First of all, download any of the files. Either .jar or .exe.
  • After downloading these files, connect the device to the PC with the help of a data cable and transfer the files to your Bada mobiles.
  • Else you can skip this point.
  • You have to now go to the location where you have uploaded the file.
  • Run the file on your phone now.
  • This is it! You are done now. You have just installed WhatsApp on your bad mobile device.

This is the complete process to download and install the app WhatsApp for bada os mobile. This is the simplest compared to the one that we used to read in other tutorials.

I hope this article helps you to install the app on your bada phone and use it to send the messages.

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